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Using a chair allows REAL people to do REAL yoga
Posted on FaceBook - Yoga50Plus Group - 05/31/18

For the time that I have been teaching Kundalini Chair Yoga, I have been able to persuade many a person that "yes, this really is yoga, and no, you do not have to stand on your head or be flexible to practice."

That marketed image folks have in their heads about yoga intimidates many people. But, historically, yoga was almost entirely non-posture based. Yoga originated as meditation practice. The postures or asanas were created to prepare you for relaxation or meditation.

So, why do we continue to be bombarded by images from the yoga "industry" that make us think it is all about the slick arm balance of a super bendy person? It's Western marketing.

Often, these gym yoga poses are achievable by only a small percentage of people practicing yoga and may even be contraindicated for most people practicing yoga. So, let's be real and honest.

I am committed to promoting the message that if you can breathe, you can do yoga. Like they say at TED, that's an "idea worth spreading."

I hope you pull up a chair and join me.

Who is Yoga50Plus for?
Posted on FaceBook - Yoga50Plus Group - 05/15/18

Yoga50Plus is for those who want to get their bodies back and for those that want to keep the healthy body they already have.

Move Today, so You Can Move Tomorrow ...
Posted on FaceBook - Yoga50Plus Group - 05/06/18

Yoga50Plus is about doing; not achieving.
No matter our age, size, or shape, we derive healing benefits by performing to our own level of flexibility and enjoyment; not by trying to push beyond what is comfortable for our body.

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