Class Video - Chair Yoga

This video was made before COVID-19 during a live onsite class at
It demonstrates the type of class that we have at
In every class, each pose/exercise/movement is customized to the needs of each individual to make your Yoga match your needs that day, that class, that time.
As of March 2020, I moved my classes online, but they are still live.
Most of my classes are free with a donation option.
If you see a class on the SCHEDULE with a fee and want to try it for free, email
If you want to continue with a fee class but are having financial issues, discuss it with me.
I have leeway with all of the classes that I teach, and I will gladly discuss your options with any of the other teachers on my web site schedule.
All of us at want you to have access to Yoga that meets your needs.

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