Sun Style
Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the

Perfect Antidote

to a digital age
Sun Style Tai Chi

Accessible for anyone.
Easy to learn.
Safe and effective for health.
To have balance, you need to practice balance.
Enjoy the practice of Accessible Tai Chi

Gently twists and elongates tissues that have become tense or suffered physical trauma.

Opens the body to release the central nervous system.

Brings awareness to the lower body which can help anyone "stick in their head" after a day in the office (chair?)

Develops coordination and balance.

Boosts the brain and memory as efficiently as both serious mental exercises and strenuous aerobic exercise.

Increases arterial compliance (expansion and contraction of the arteries), which is crucial for heart health (strength training alone brings about a decline in arterial compliance).

Improved mood and stress resiliency
Improved flexibility and strength
Reduced pain of fibromyalgia
Improved bone health
Improved risk factors for heart disease and lower blood pressure
Improved sleep quality and duration
Improved balance and prevent falls

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