Past Life

Join us for the experience of your lifetimes......

Millions of people on earth believe in reincarnation.
And for centuries they have sought to unravel it's mysteries and to recall their former lives.
It doesn't matter what you believe....
you can experience fascinating insights and discoveries in Past Life Regression sessions.
Some of us consider it as a connection with the past, some as wisdom from the creative unconscious, and still others as sheer entertainment.

There are many theories from various spiritual, scientific, philosophical and therapeutic sources.
And, all are supported in our sessions in a practical framework that welcomes all perspectives and beliefs.

Some interesting questions to consider....
Did you live before?
Are you working through unresolved issues from the past?
Can you access wisdom from your history?
Do you have undiscovered skills and talents that would serve you in THIS life?
Can you change your Karma?
Can you alter your destiny?

These sessions are not therapy sessions.
They are personal explorations for the curious internal traveler.

During the Past Life Regression session, you are guided into a deep meditative state where you simply experience a scene that you enjoy or feel comfortable with.
Maybe, you are taken on a richly detailed journey to your favorite beach, a relaxing train ride, or another experience where you feel really relaxed and safe.
The scene is described in rich sensory-filled detail, so for instance, if your favorite relaxed place is a beach, you could be guided to feel the breeze against your face, to smell the salt air, to hear the sounds of seabirds, etc.

The effects of deep guided meditation are powerful.
Because of experiencing a deeply relaxed and tranquil state so vividly in your mind, you can automatically feel less stressed, less tired, less negative.
Because you free your mind of intrusive thoughts, you are offering your subconscious mind time to explore possibilities of past thoughts.
Since your subconscious communicates in images, the guided meditation suggests visualization to lead in this exploration and your conscious mind receives images for you to interpret.

In the support of COVID-19 safety, you can experience each session in a light weight pod (tent) to maintain safe space separation with a barrier.
Bring what will make you confortable: mat, rug, padding, pillows, body cover, eye cover.
Pillows and light covering are highly suggested.
Your investment is the small cost of attendance and some deeply relaxing time away from the pressures of the world.

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-- Buddha