Office Yoga - Not Your Typical Yoga Class

Inclusive - postures or exercises designed for all body types and abilities
Non-Spiritual (spiritual references could be mistaken for religious references)
Office Appropriate Clothing )no skimpy attire bythe teacher)
Never single out any student - limitations, corrections, modifications are offered to entire class (unless answering a question from a strudent)
Never touch a student - modifications are done verbally and offered to entire class

Office Yoga differs from Studio Yoga

Most office jobs today require sitting at a desk, in front of a computer all day, so a focus on hips, hamstrings, shoulders, neck, spine, ankles, and wrists is needed.
The various types of yoga have different unique benefits.

The goal of Office Yoga to allow the body to move as much as possible within the constraints of an office.
The classes should be playful, allowing laughter and fun.
Concern over alignment is minimized and focus on breath and movement is emphasied.

For Office Yoga, Kundalini Yoga is a perfect fit.

Taking the time to breathe and stretch can literally recalibrate everything.

Participant Benefits of Yoga in the Office

Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Depression: It's no secret that work can be stressful, and yoga is the perfect antidote. Stress alone leads to changes in mood, poor performance, and anxiety. Looking for ways to reduce employee stress so they can be more productive, have more positive interactions with coworkers, and stay focused pays off for organizations.
Increase Focus: By combining movement and breath, your yoga practice does not allow for a wandering mind. By being present "in the moment" you'll learn to control your mind so you can focus on the task at hand. A vitally useful skill to have in a fast-paced workplace where multitasking is a way of life.
Boost Immunity: Yoga activates your immune system, gets your blood flowing and stimulates your lymphatic system. Yoga also supports healthy bones through weight-bearing exercises. That's a lot of health benefits that lead to less sick days and higher performance amongst employees.
Improve Posture: Sitting all day wreaks havoc on your posture and the natural curves of the spine slowly start to reverse as you hunch over your computer desk (lucky for us we all have standing desks). A huge benefit of yoga is finding the natural curves of the spine by lengthening the sides of the waist, tilting the pelvis and broadening the back body. Yoga also stretches major muscles groups and increases joint mobility to prevent joint aches and stiffness.
Increase Confidence: When you are confident in your body, it bleeds over to other areas of your life. Yoga increases body confidence by showing you just how strong and nimble you can be. The poses are designed to increase flexibility while building muscle strength and oftentimes cardiovascular health. Small changes lead to major results and soon your confidence in your body's ability is skyrocketing.
Boost Morale: Who doesn't love having fun activities offered at work? Getting to try a yoga class for free, while bonding with your co-workers is a benefit that far exceeds the hour spent in the room together.
Improve Digestion: Stress and anxiety, sitting all day and not moving around enough, mindlessly eating at your desk or on the fly, all cause digestive distress but many yoga postures aid in digestion. Stress reduction can decrease acidity, heartburn, and indigestion. Deep leg folds and twists can turn on your digestive fire, aid in detoxification, and wring out any toxins stored in the intestines. Once your digestion is back on track, you'll be able to tune into those gut feelings in your second brain (the gut) to help aid you in making important decisions at work and in life.
Increase Energy: Exercise has been proven to increase your energy. It's easy to become sedentary when trying to balance out the demands of work and family life but it's actually counter-productive. The less active you are, the quicker you fatigue and the less energy you'll have to tackle everything. Taking the time to focus on yourself, even for a short period of time, is just the boost you need to tackle the rest of your day with vigor.
Improve Breathing: Yoga supports you to bring awareness to your breathing. When you are not breathing fully, and shortening your breath, it depletes your energy and can make you feel light-headed and sluggish because your vital organs (think brain) are not getting the oxygen they need. Yoga teaches you how to breathe deeply and use your breath to relax or energize your system, as needed.
Increase Flexibility: By increasing flexibility in your body, you also learn how to increase flexibility in other key areas of your life. Suddenly the things that you were feeling rigid about, are not as important anymore. Learning how to go with the flow helps to decrease stress and anxiety and helps you roll with the punches in an ever-changing work environment.
Relieve neck, head, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, high blood pressure, and work related injuries: From repetitive motion or from lack of motion

Company Benefits of Yoga in the Office

Increase Productivity
Decrease employee absenteeism and turnover
Higher quality customer service
Improve teamwork and morale

Advantages of Yoga in the Office

Convenient Classes: Avoid the situation of a stressed out yogi, leaning on their steering wheel in stalled traffic. Office yoga is the ultimate convenience. Whether you offer a 30-Minute "No-Sweat" Chair Class in the middle of the day or a 60-minute mat class before/after work, on-site yoga cuts the commute and the road rage. Customize the schedule, format, and pace of the class.
Productivity Where It Counts: How can we be more productive at work? The basis of yoga is "being present." Promote focus for teht ask at hand. Western science is beginning recognize and define the benefits of consistent yoga practice. Neuralplasticity develops new mental pathways through yoga and meditation:
  1) Reaction to stress and speed of recovery from it
  2) Compassion and empathy
  3) Circuitry for attention & habits of focus
  4) Sense of self and purpose
On the individual level, any consistent yoga practice will encourage these traits. However, the shared experience of workplace yoga holds remarkable potential at the level of the group. It's no longer a luxury to have some kind of toolkit to navigate the pressures of the technological age. Being conscious to your breath is one the fastest ways to calm down and center. A work environment where you can trust your colleagues to do so, and where you have a shared understanding of how, is immensely worthwhile.
No Change of Wardrobe: Practice in your office clothes.
The Client Is In Control: With office yoga, the teacher works for you. Your in-house yogi adapts to fit your company's culture, time constraints, and goals. This differs from the typical yoga studio experience, where students shop around for the ideal combination of strong teachers, relevant classes, and a culture that feels relatable. An experienced corporate yoga teacher alleviates these compromises, especially weeks and months into the partnership as the teacher gets to know the individual employees, their stories, and what makes the team click.
Yoga for Every Body: A typical yoga studio designs classes for the younger fit yogi, practicing styles of yoga that leave many people out. Employees in any company range from the younger, physically fit (or not) to the mature out of shape (or physically fit). Office yoga needs to support everyone. Office Yoga based on Kundalini Yoga is fully adapable for all body types, all abilities, all limitations. It truly is the Yoga for Every Body.

Requirements for Yoga in the Office
Minimal Space: Chairs and/or open spaces for mats. Conference room, large office space, break room, gym, rooftop, or at the desk will work.
Support from Leadership: Management needs to understand the rewards of the program and suuport the needs of the class and teh employees. Attendance by management is highly recommended.
A Good Teacher: Your in-house yogi needs to be someone who the employees can relate to and who brings the appropriate style of yoga for the workplace.

Be the change
A company committed to the health and safety of their staff understands that it's good business to invest in the wellness of its employees.

Want to give Office Yoga a try at your place of business?

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