Looking for Teachers

My creating of a Virtual Studio for yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, mindful movement
is a way to continue supporting your students and yourself safely.

OPTION 1: All you need to teach a class is a smart phone and a blue tooth headset.
You do not even need a Zoom account.
I will act as your Producer and remotely, manage Zoom for your classes.

OPTION 2: You have your own Zoom account and produce your own class.

Either option, my SCHEDULE will market your class, accept registrations, BOOK the classes, and accept/track the charges:
- free class
- donation class
- per class fee
- number of classes pass
- 30 day membership
how ever you like to market/charge for your class

Plus, you can be located anywhere in the world.
By being virtual, we are not bound by geography and are always maintaining safe distances.

Want to give it a test drive??

Email me at Ty@VitalLifeYoga.com

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-- Buddha