Everyone needs a bedtime story from time to time, even adults.

Come join me Friday nights at 8:30 pm for a sequence of guided journey visualizations
to help you drop deeply into a relaxed state.
It's free for everyone.
All you need to do is get comfortable and listen.

All you have to do is connect with the Zoom link using your computer, tablet or smart phone.
No Zoom account is needed.

Email for the zoom info.
Mention "Bedtime Stories for Adults" and that you want to start receiving the weekly invitations.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I never thought I could be so relaxed.
I really don't know if it's the text or the calm voice, but I am still amazed at the results.
It really takes all my will to stay awake and 2 times out of 3, I doze off.
At my age, I am still looking forward to where you will take us.
The last log cabin I could almost smell the burning wood in the fire place.

This is really cool stuff

~ C.L.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you so much for doing these meditations.
I really enjoy them and look forward to it each week.
Your voice is very soothing, last week I was wide awake listening to you and the next thing I knew it was 2 hours later.


Guided Meditation

In guided meditation, our practice is shaped by another person's voice.
Because the mind has a tendency to wander where it will, many of us find it easier to focus and relax when our minds are not entirely left to their own devices.
This form of meditation is often led by a (real live) guide in group settings.

Especially useful for beginners, guided meditation takes the guesswork out of the mechanics of practice.
Some forms of guided meditation incorporate visualization meditation, where an image is evoked and used to anchor and inform one's practice.

Guided meditation is useful if you are looking to let go of anxieties and restlessness by replacing the usual thoughts with soothing images and sounds that are conducive to a state of relaxation.

Your meditation guide will ask you to sit or to recline comfortably.
Then, you listen to your guide while they lead you through a series of relaxing visualizations.
As you gradually relax and become more and more still, stress fades away, and your mind becomes clearer and clearer.

While you are in this deeply relaxed state of mind, your subconscious is open to positive suggestions, and your guide will use this time to take you on an inner journey that is designed to improve one or more aspects of your life.
For example, a guided meditation might be tailored towards personal empowerment and positive thinking.
Another might focus on emotional healing or spiritual development.
You might be taken on a guided journey to unleash your full potential, or you may choose to go on a guided meditation journey simply for the sheer pleasure of experiencing profoundly deep relaxation.

As you can now see, a guided meditation can be an experience that is not only relaxing, but one that enhances your sense of self, that transforms your perspective in positive ways, and that inspires you to live your life to the fullest.

It's an effortless and very enjoyable experience that results in deep relaxation, elimination of stress and a heightened appreciation of life.

At the conclusion of your guided meditation, your guide will gradually bring you back to a state of normal awareness, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed.
A guided meditation might be as short as 5 minutes, or as long as an hour, depending on your personal preference.
In most cases, a guided meditation of 15 minutes or longer is recommended if you wish to experience a truly deep state of relaxation and maximize the positive benefits of meditation.

One of the main reasons why guided meditations are such a popular alternative to traditional meditation techniques is because they require no previous training or effort to enjoy.

Even if you are someone who finds it extremely difficult to let go of thoughts, even if you are highly stressed or overloaded with mental activity, you will quickly achieve inner stillness and peace of mind when you listen to a great guided meditation.

Hypno Meditation

Enjoyable guided visualizations designed to help you relax.

HypnoMeditation is a unique and creative combination of a form of meditation and hypnosis.
Meditation and hypnosis are very similar processes, just with different goals.

Meditation is used to train your mind to return to the present moment instead of wandering off to thoughts of the past or the future
where tour chaotic mind reviews and rehearses stressful situations (repeatedly).

Hypnosis is used to present affirmations to your subconscious to help guide you in positive directions to change your future.

Both are ways to train your brain to support you better.

In HypnoMeditation, you are guided through relaxing visualizations that include positive messages for your subconscious.
There are ways to strengthen the process such as
adding a series of gentle movements (gentle yoga, stretching, or Qigong) prior to the session
to prepare the body for a deeper relaxation.

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