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What if I am not comfortable with silent breath meditation?
Our intention is to create an online space for people to come together.
If you are not comfortable with silent breath meditation, you are welcome to meditate in whatever, manner you prefer such as listening to a guided meditation recording.
When listening to guided meditation, ensure that it enhances, rather than distracts from your meditation experience.

Do I need to have previous experience with meditation to participate?
No, our meditation sessions are open to anyone of any meditation knowledge or skill level, even first time beginners.
It is important to note that our meditation sessions are silent, and it is not a class where we will teach you meditation exercises.
The volunteer facilitator will suggest a breath meditation for the session and offer to answer questions afterwards.
Be aware that volunteers may have different levels of meditation training.
If you have extensive questions or any quesions you prefer to ask prior to your first session, please contact

What are the benefits of meditation?
Participating in our group sessions may be just what you need to improve the overall health of your mind and body.
The benefits of meditation can include greater self awareness, stress relief, and a developing sense of presence.
You may also experience other benefits as you begin to practice meditation, such as an improved quality of sleep.
Attempting to be present, distraction-free, and attentive during your meditation will help you get the most from your online session.

What if I don't want to join with my webcam?
We ask that participants to join with their camera on to welcome the group.
This is to create a more intimate atmosphere and to protect our meditation sessions from Zoom bombing.
You then have the option to turn your camera off for the meditation.

Is there a cost to participate in Meditate Together?
No. The program is a 100% free service to the community.

Can I sign up to be a facilitator?
If you would like to help, contact

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