HypnoYoga is a unique and creative combination of a form of therapeutic yoga, meditation, and hypnosis.

The postures/exercises
strengthen the nervous system,
massage the organs,
and activate the glands.

General health is improved by the process.
Side effects can include
more strength,
increased flexibility,
better body definition,
improved posture,
and more energy.

Guided imagery
with directed affirmations during hypnosis
promote the desired positive change
and help create the type of future you want.

HypnoYoga can help most problems
all under the 'umbrella' of a yoga session.

HypnoYoga for Weight Motivation
Practice in a chair or on a mat

Fad diets failed you?
Ready to try a new route?
Change your mind, change your life....

HypnoYoga for Weight Motivation and Body Image
is about moving, changing, pursuing your goals for long term change.

Helping You Get Lighter, Healthier and Happier

Enjoy gentle movement while you change your attitude towards a healthier lifestyle.
Learn to love your self, accept your self, be your self and always strive for positive change.
Sessions are a series of gentle movements that include stretching, breathing, relaxing, calming.

Are your impressions of yoga that you are not flexible enough,
that you need to be a pretzel,
that you need to sit on the floor?
Well, all of these assumtions are wrong.

If you are not flexible, then yoga helps you get flexible.
If you are already flexible, then yoga helps you get more flexible.
Yoga does offer you new movements to use little used or unused muscles
(as well as massage your organs and glands to improve their working),
but there is no need to be a human pretzel.
Sit on the floor or in a chair, does not matter, your choice.

HypnoYoga for Weight and Body Image uses the same yoga practices
that are taught in Yoga50Plus, Kundalini Yoga based Chair Yoga.
These exercises are suitable for mature people, people who feel they have limits, people who actually have limits.
Affirmations are offered during rest periods to create paths in your mind
that support positive weight change, eating habits, and supportive lifestyle.
Each class concludes with a relaxating group hypnotic meditation
offering affirmations and suggestions focused
on one or more subconscious factors for Body Image and/or Weight Change

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Exercise is physical;
yoga is spiritual.

-- Yogi Amrit Desai