Guided Relaxation

A guided relaxation class offers you the environment and assistance to reduce stress and positively affect anxiety in your life.
An experienced relaxation guide can help you find inner stillness and encourage positive thinking to allow you to make positive change.
This will be done in the form of a guided meditation.

While you are lying down or sitting comfortably, your relaxation guide will begin to talk you through your meditation.
Your guide will slowly describe a series of relaxing visual images and/or physical sensations for you to focus on.
By directing your awareness on the images suggested and relaxing your breathing, you can begin to feel calmer.
Your stress can be balanced by having your mind and body trigger your relaxation response.

As your guided meditation and your focused awareness continues, your mind will become more still and your negative thoughts disappear as you stay mentally in the present moment.

While you are relaxed, your subconscious becomes more open to suggestion.
An open mind allows your guide to help increase positive thinking by introducing messages of positivity to your subconscious.

The positive messages received during a guided relaxation can help improve some or all of the following:

- Personal empowerment
- Positive thinking
- Increase self-confidence
- harnessing your full potential
- reducing stress and anxiety
- enjoying a relaxing experience
- Learning to live a fuller life

A guided relaxation can be used to improve yourself or as an enjoyable meditation journey. The ultimate goal is to offer you a relaxing experience that can change your perspective in a positive way.

At the conclusion of the meditation, your relaxation guide will slowly bring you back from your state of relaxation. You will return to normal awareness with a feeling of being relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed.


Guided relaxation can offer health benefits for those who take part in guided relaxation classes. It has been found that using positive relaxation imagery can offer the following improvements to your health:

- Reduce blood pressure
- Lower cholesterol
- Lower glucose levels in the blood
- Increase short-term immune cell activity
- Reduce blood loss during surgery
- Reduce the need for morphine following surgery
- Dampen pain and headaches
- Accelerate weight loss
- Alleviate anxiety and stress
- Lessen the negative effects of chemotherapy

Ty is a trained and certified Mindfulness Teacher, Yoga Nidra Teacher, and Kundalini Yoga Meditation Teacher.
Join Ty in his Guided Meditations, Gioded Visualkizations, and Guided Relaxations, but only, if you are affected by stress and ready to do something about handling stress better.

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