What Learners are Saying

Workshop: Learn to use Self-Hypnosis for Dealing Better With Stress
"I found this workshop to be very beneficial in helping me deal with stressful events.
I learned practical techniques that I immediately started to use.
Thank you, Ty"
~ JH

"I LOVE Tai Chi Shibashi. It's helping me stay flexible as I get older. Very Relaxing."
"I would love to do Shibashi daily. It helps me stay calm, relaxed and flexible. I recommend it for everyone."

Class: Mindful Movement: Shibashi
"That was awesome!!! Thank you so much!! Loved it!"
~ KB

"I really enjoyed the Go With the Flow class.
The swaying back and forth made me feel like a ballerina without the pain of going on point.
I will definitely sign up again."
~ DB

The class is not about counting pounds or dieting.
It's all about making positive change in your life by changing your attitude, such as chossing healthier foods, eating patterns, moving more, and having a positive attitude about yourself.
And, it works....
I love Ty's Guided Visualization - Positive Changes about Weight Loss"
~ RJ

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