Difference - Tai Chi vs Qigong

When watching someone perform Qi Gong,
one might think they are doing Tai Chi,

but there is significant difference
between the two.

Tai Chi is:

-- usually 24, 48, or 108 moves that must be remembered in sequence
-- firstly a martial art used for self defense, that is typically slowed down to practice for health purposes
-- because it is "circular" as opposed to "linear" it is good for the joints and safe on the body

-- many people find the many moves difficult to remember
-- you require a large, open space to practice
-- requires supervision to really get the most out of your practice
-- requires a lot of time to become really good

Qi Gong is:
-- designed for building health, energy, and vitality
-- easy to learn
-- requires very little space (as long as you can stretch your arms above and around you!)
-- can be practiced standing or sitting
-- natural form of movement (easy to progress quickly on your own)
-- gentle on the body but extremely effective in moving energy blockages

I have learned and practiced Sun style Tai Chi and enjoy it as a gentlw moving meditation.
However, I have seen that in order to become skilled enough to gain the health benefits takes several months, even a couple of years.
If you have the time, space, and access to a teacher, Tai Chi is fantastic. You can join our Tai Chi Group.
If you want to get health benefits quickly, I suggest doing Qi Gong.

Many people who do Tai Chi love it and have the time and space for it.
Qi gong can be done when you don't have time or space!
I do my Qi Gong practice in my office. I just have to make sure I have room enough to stretch my arms around me without hitting anything.

You can choose from so many routines. There is one or more that will fit your needs.
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