Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Need a seventh-inning stretch to revitalizie your group?
Enjoy an activity that is entertaining as well as beneficial.

No need for any special supplies, to change clothes or to clear space for mats.
Accessible Chair Yoga AND/OR Tai Chi Flow can be practiced in chairs (even at tables or desks in the office) and in formal clothes.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority - Delta Omicron Omega Chapter
- Annual Retreat, Orlando, Florida - July 2019
    "Thank you so much. Chair yoga was amazing." ~ L T
    "That certainly woke up the group. Plus, it was so much fun." ~ M S
- Wellness Series (online) - November 2020
- Annual Retreat (online) - July 2021
- Annual Retreat (online) - July 2022
- Annual Retreat (online) - July 2023

WorldCon - The World Science Fiction Convention
- Helsinki, Finland - August 2017
- San Jose, California, US - August 2018
- Dublin, Ireland - August 2019
    "I never knew I could enjoy yoga." ~ C S
    "Would you come to WesterCon and lead yoga classes?" ~ M J
    "We need this every morning." ~ W H
- Wellington, New Zealand - online worldwide - July 2020
- Washington, DC, US - December 2021
- Chicago, IL, US - September 2022
- Glascow, Scotland - September 2024

International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT)
- Orlando, FL - May 2021
- Orlando, FL - May 2022
- Orlando, FL - May 2023

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