Classes and Workshops

In classes or private sessions, I use either individually or in combination, the following modalites to help you achieve your goals for:
calming your mind,
reducing anxiety,
reducing stress, and
relaxing deeper.

Yoga Nidraeffortless deep guided meditation - calms the mind, releases stress
Yin Yoga long, slow, deep yoga postures, adjusted for your physical requirements to meet functional goals
Yoga for "Every" Body the yoga class for the rest of us who are not interested in gym yoga,
making the healthful, calming, rejuvenating benefits of yoga accessible to everyone
Qigong therapeutic system of body movements that is often called Chinese Yoga, but it's so much more
Accessible Tai Chi moving meditation: calms the mind, improves balance, increases energy flow through body, helps with arthritis symptoms
to have balance, you must practice balance
Hypno-meditation guided visualization to meditate to a deeper relaxed state
Self-Hypnosis for stress, anxiety, phobias, habits, smoking cessation
Yoga50PlusYoga50Plus is yoga that is tailored to the needs of anyone over 50 or anyone with limitations or special needs
HypnoYoga a unique and creative combination of a form of therapeutic yoga, meditation, and hypnosis
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All the strength of the Universe is within you. It cannot be found outside.

-- Yogi Bhajan