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In Western culture, most yoga has become some sort of extreme athleticism, focused on performing postures to impress.
This misses the point of yoga: union of mind, body and spirit.
The postures are to be the route to meditation, and the posture for you is the posture of where you are "right now."

Most yoga classes show what the teacher can do.
Chair Yoga is about what you can do.

Article: Chair Yoga and Osteoarthritis

Anyone can do yoga

Yoga50Plus is yoga that is tailored to the needs of anyone over 50 or anyone with limitations or special needs.
Do you NOT want to face the challenges of a typical gym-like yoga class but still want the possibility to experience the depth of yoga?

The concept of Yoga50Plus has two main goals:
to minimize the unwelcome signs of aging and
to help the student to perceive the aging process as a benefit, a process of human development, which opens them up to a transformation from pure physical strength to powerful wisdom and insight. On the physical level, the three main objectives of Kundalini 50plus are: to maintain balance and coordination skills, to straighten the spine and increase its flexibility, and to expand lung capacity. Progress in these areas guarantees a better quality of life as you grow older.

Yoga50Plus helps you to align your life anew in relation to the changing conditions and challenges of the aging process.

If any of the following apply to you:
--> have never done yoga
--> have not exercised in years
--> feel you are too old
--> feel you are overweight
--> feel that limits restrict you
--> want more flexibility
--> want to feel better
--> want to sleep better
--> want to feel calmer, more grounded
--> want a greater ability to manage strong emotion
--> want to do yoga in a chair (or mat is ok, too)
--> you are over 50 and less than 1000 years old
then this is the yoga class for you.

Yoga50Plus with Ty
uses simple yoga movements
makes the healthful, calming, rejuvenating benefits of yoga
is accessible to everyone

Your instructor, Ty, is 66 years old.
Ty suffers from arteriosclerosis which affects his aerobic ability and peripheral neuropathy which causes feet pain and balance issues.
Join a class, and let Ty prove to you that these yoga classes are for everyone.
Come join, enjoy your yoga practice, reap the rewards of gentle movement, and have some fun with it.

This calming yoga practice features:
breath pacing to promote deeper and longer breaths,
gentle warm-up movements,
active yet gentle, easy postures to improve flexibility,
relaxing series of cool-down movements,
guided visualization relaxation.

Learn to RELAX and DE-STRESS

I am 72 years old and have always found Yoga to be very painful and not enjoyable. Ty's classes are different and designed for people like me. I'm very stiff, have never worked on stretching or flexibility. In Ty's class, in a gentle way, I am able to stretch and exercise. Most of the time from a sitting position. The atmosphere and back ground music are relaxing. I would recommend giving Ty's yoga class a try. No contract, pay as you go. If you like it keep going. Nothing to lose.
- - K.M.

I always look forward to going to Ty's Yoga50Plus program - I feel both energized and relaxed after every class! It is great to be able to 'come as you are,' start where you're at and let your body guide you on how far to take each movement. The calm music, the short rests in between movements and the final meditation are so soothing - it makes the body work your doing, very enjoyable rather than something to get over with!' This is a wonderful way to de-stress and keep fit!
- - I. H.

Your class is highly morivating.
- - C. S.

Ty's Yoga50Plus class is really a class for all ages. Do not let the name fool you. Since I am well under 50, but have some physical limitations that do not bode well with sitting on the floor for any extended period of time that would be required in a regular yoga class, this class has allowed me to participate in a yoga practice. I have noticed my range of motion and stamina improving within a few classes. This yoga practice does range from the easy to the challenging with modifications to suite the individual's needs. I appreciate the light and fun atmosphere that Ty has created. Namaste!
- - A. W.

So awesome. I found chair yoga for the 1st time and I can't wait to go every Wednesday and Sunday night.
- - C. C.

Mon, Weds 6-7 pm and Sun noon-1 pm in Casselberry, FL at:
Sat Nam Wellness Center
104 O'Brien Road
Casselberry, FL
Drop In Fee: $10 -- unlimited pass $40 for 30 days (cash or CC)

Sundays noon-1 pm in Sanford, FL at:
1 Raw Yoga
541 N Palmetto Ave. #102,
Sanford, FL 32771
Drop In Fee: $11 (cash) $15 (CC)


The practice is planned to be done from a chair, but you are welcome to practice from a mat (or transistion back and forth between chair and mat, as you need). If you prefer a mat, you need to plan to bring one or check with me in advance on availability. I do have a couple of personal mats that could be made available.

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes that allow stretching and gentle movements. Bring a water bottle, if you desire.

Yoga50Plus is an ancient style called Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga uses breath, yoga postures and meditation practices to help maintain a healthy spine and to strengthen the nervous and glandular systems. It is very therapeutic, and anyone of any age or ability can practice it, which makes it perfect for those of us over 50 (me included, at 65 years old). The difficulty is variable. Each person chooses how challenging thay want it to be, each time they practice. Kundalini Yoga is not the yoga you see on TV or your local gym, and it's not available in most local yoga studios which typically focus on Hatha Yoga to build muscular strength using challenging physical feats.

The class will run about 60 minutes, though on occasion it might run a little longer.

We will follow a standard class structure.
1) Tune in - A short opening process that helps ground us, get us in the mood to practice our yoga, and mentally start the process.
2) Warm ups - a series of movements, stretches to warm up our bodies for the Kriya
3) Kriya - a series of movements/practices that lead to a goal such as Total Balance, Thyroid, Kidneys, Releasing Fear, Stress Set, Improve the Immune System, Energy Set or other. These Kriyas are designed by the Kundalini Research Institute and supplied to me for teaching. They are based on 3000 year old yoga philosphy and technology. This practice has been working for people for thousands of years.
4) Shavasana - the most important part of the session. At the end, we sit or recline quietly with our eyes closed, breathing slowly and allow the body to process the work we performed.
5) Tune out - Marks the end of the session
There will be music during every class.
Most people find the music for Kundalini yoga to be quite beautiful, pleasant and relaxing.


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