Difficulty breathing is one of the most troubling symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Even if it happens only occasionally, the feeling of breathlessness can be uncomfortable and scary.

While there is no cure for COPD, there are a number of simple things you can do to ease breathlessness and keep your disease from getting worse.

Many people with COPD and their doctors are so focused on medication that they don't really talk about lifestyle changes, such as breathing exercises for COPD, and how to modify their behavior to improve breathing.

The impact of Tai Chi and mind-body breathing in COPD
This link will take you to an study on how the symptoms COPD can be helped with more conscious breathing and gentle movement
The article is well written, but it is in scientific jargon.
But, if you scan to the bottom, you will see some very useful quotes from participants that summarize some the benefits of Tai Chi practice for someone with the symptoms of COPD.

Tai Chi helps by:
1) Increasing breath and body awareness
2) Better understanding of Self, Disease, Mind-Body Connection
3) Offering knowledge of Breathing Techniques and of Self Care Strategies
4) Promotoing gentle physical activity engagment
5) Promoting better posture which opens up the airways
6) Gaining a new tool or resource
7) Establishing the intention of better self care
8) Growing more self-confidence for Symptom Management, Managing Anxiety and Breathlessness, and for Physical Activity
9) Promoting regular exercise
10) Counter balancing stress with the Relaxation Response

If you are limited in physical activity, Tai Chi will meet you at your level of challenge.
Tai Chi can support you for more vigorous physical activity, if that is your desire.

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