How to cheat at meditating

Did you know that people who meditate every day are much happier, stress free and more relaxed than everyone else?

Did you also know that meditators are much healthier, enjoy more longevity (which means a longer life span) and are generally in a much better state of well being than the rest of us?

Well, as a matter of fact, research has shown that meditation dramatically reduces stress, enhances the vital functions of the body and mind and can even reverse the effects of all kinds of diseases (most notably cancer!).

People who regularly meditate have been found to be much smarter than the general population as well. In fact, studies have shown that the brainwave patterns of regular meditators demonstrate far superior functioning , which has been reinforced and confirmed time and again in scientific testing.

It is also known that experienced meditators regularly tap into hidden or latent talents and abilities from within the mind that they never even knew existed! Many spiritual thinkers believe that meditators are accessing the sub-conscious mind through meditation, which is really the gateway to the source of Infinite Intelligence, the creative power of the Universe which provides us with insights and guidance while in a meditative state.

Further studies have also revealed that meditation produces certain types of brain chemicals that are experienced during states of euphoria, you know those days when you just feel on top of the world and everything is going your way? Well, practicing meditation can enhance the production of the type of brain chemicals that are responsible for these euphoric feelings that make you feel so good! And can help you to become happier and happier.

So with all the amazing benefits of meditation being so widely accepted, proven and known around the world, why isn't everyone doing it?

We have found that people just simply don't have the time, the will power, the discipline, the know how or the confidence to regularly practice meditation. Some people think it is a silly new age thing to do, and even though they might know all the benefits that can be achieved, that it is just not for them?...

But then we meet people who have taken the plunge and actually given meditation a go, and have found that because they didn't get the type of results they were after straight away, they don't follow through with it and put in the constant years worth of practice needed to become an experienced meditator...

We also know that people are becoming more and more distracted these days, always busier, always having thousands of things competing for our attention - our environment is constantly shortening our attention span, which is making it harder and harder for people to be able to quiet their minds for long enough to meditate and get any benefit!

How can we get the best of both worlds??
- all the phenomenal benefits of meditation without the years and years of hard work and practice needed to get there by following the traditional methods of meditation...

Yoga Nidra.... the effortless meditation
It's the answer to stress..... expecially modern stress
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Where focus goes, energy goes.

-- Tony Robbins