Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, or asanas,
that are held for longer periods of time
developed to penetrate deep into connective tissue,
expanding flexibility while invigorating the energy centers of the body (nadis)
to release blockages and increase your energy flow.

The practice of Yin Yoga is based on slowly and carefully working the fascia, tendons and ligaments (connective tissues).
It is recommended that students practice Yin Yoga when the muscles are cool,
so that the stress of the posture can soak deeper into the connective tissues.
Once the muscles are warmed up, the muscle will take up most of the stress of a posture,
leaving very little stress to be felt by the connective tissues.

The focus is on static movement, awareness of body, breath work (Pranayama)
and meditation to create a profoundly deep and rewarding practice.
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