Gentle Aerobic Movement
and Guided Visualization
for Weight Loss

When was the last time you enjoyed a quiet, peaceful meal without interruption? If you can't remember, you're hardly alone. These days, eating a leisurely meal is a rare luxury. Sadly, for many people, eating on the run has become the norm. They gobble down meals while they text their friends, catch up on their favorite TV shows, or check to see who's posting on Twitter and Facebook. Yet research reveals that the very act of eating in a hurry may contribute to overweight and obesity.

Discover the tools to help you achieve the weight goal that you have always wanted and desired.
Reduce your appetite and look forward to exercising.
Practice gentle aerobic movements that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

What does "gentle aerobic movements" mean?
Good question..
In these classes, it means a low impact, gentle, exercise routine, primarily using a chair.
Utilizing movement to burn calories, improve bone strength, and energize.
These are must do routines, if weight loss is your goal!
Some exercises will ask that you stand, but they can be done sitting as well.
As with any movement practice, it is expected that you have gotten your physicians approval before starting.

Honor your limits
Gentle movement does not mean that the exercises will never be challenging.
Each person has different limitations that must be honored.
You know your limits, your issues, your challenges, and you are expected to adjust each exercise as appropriate.
If you need suggestions or advice, just ask your Ty for ideas (in class or in email before/after class).
The basic rule is stop or slow down, if needed.
You can even leave the video off, if you prefer.
But, people having their videos on does help Ty lead the class, since he can see feedback on how you are doing.

This series is for individuals who would like to change their relationship to weight.
Change your mind, change your life.

Each class includes a 30 minute gentle but energizing movement session that prepares you for a deeper meditation
and a 30 minute guided meditation session that both deeply relaxes
and offers visualizations to support positive change
about weight, eating, body image, and pther related subjects.

Each series is comprised of 4 classes priced at $15 per class,
or you can purchase a class pass of four classes for $50.

Permanent weight loss does not come from fad diets.
Permanent change comes from positive change to how you think and act....

!!! Start your change !!!
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Interesting Article from Harvard Medical School:
Stop Counting Calories

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