Self Hypnosis
Guided Visualization

Creative visualization is a technique that can help to create quick and long lasting change.
I use it and teach it extensively in the guided meditation and self hypnosis processes,
because it is such a powerful form of affirming suggestion.
It will often produce good results where using mainly suggestive words might otherwise fail.

Visualization is one of the least exploited abilities that the human mind possesses.
When it comes to using the vast power of creative visualization to create positive change, such as in guided meditation or self-hypnosis,
the visualization is always generated from within your own mind...
Only the source differs.

This is the difference between guided meditation/visualization and self-hypnosis.
The source can come from outside or from within.
But, either way, the visualization is generated from within your own consciousness and you are in control.

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Hope is not a prediction of the future, it's a declaration of what's possible.

-- Yogi Bhajan