Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Sound and Vibration

The flow of pure sound and vibration as a means of meditation.

From human DNA to bacteria and worms,
from the earth to solar systems and distant galaxies
and from the newborn stars to the black holes,
everything has its own sound and music.

The whole universe hums with its own rhythm and frequency.
And when we can hum with the frequency of the universe,
we become one with it and are transformed into a Nada Yogi.

On the path of Nada Yoga,
the body is healed,
the mind recovers its balance
and the person becomes a fully functional individual,
living with a sense of well-being.

Come, explore our sessions of Crystal Bowls, Gong Immersions, chimes, drums, and voice,
as we delve into the vibrations, the sounds of life.
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There is only one person who can really love you and that is you. Self-love is the basis of all life.

-- Yogi Amrit Desai