Jai is a lifelong student, always seeking and evolving.

She began her personal growth path with the
Kundalini Research Institute a decade ago,
diving deep into kundalini yoga teachings,
self-awareness, neuroscience, and transformational work.

After being diagnosed with emphysema
and fighting a crippling addiction to cigarettes,
she found herself drawn to the deep breathing techniques
from the Kundalini Yoga tradition and healed her addiction
while taking Teacher Training with Deva Kaur
at Yoga Source, Coral Springs, FL.

She continued to learn, teach and practice
these techniques that healed her lungs.

She went on to finish all Level 2 and Level 3 Trainings
with KRI and is currently entering the
Aquarian Trainer Academy to become a KRI Lead Trainer.

Jai is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and she offers many
healing services at Sat Nam Wellness.

Her specialty is a combination of massage,
energy healing, cranial sacral, numerology
and love to help her community heal from past wounds
that get stored in the physical and energetic bodies.

Jai is also an energy artist and she does energy
readings and healings through abstract paintings.

She is currently engaged in growing
the conscious community in the Orlando area
as well as growing awareness to her nonprofit
program (Generation Meditation) teaching yoga
to underserved Haitian children living in sugar
labor camps called bateys in the Dominican Republic.

Jai playing the gong

To learn more, visit www.generationmeditation.org

You can reach Jai anytime on Facebook or by text via 407 227 2721
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