Accessible Yoga (for chair and/or mat) supports that all people, regardless of ability or experience,
deserve equal access to the ancient teachings of yoga,
which offer individual empowerment and mindful development.

By building a strong network and advocating for a diverse Yoga culture
that is inclusive and welcoming, we are sharing Yoga with all.

If you choose to practice your yoga in a chair,
Yoga invites you to find mobility in a way that is soft and gentle
but also really supportive and beneficial.

This inclusive practice invites awareness and integrity into the body,
specifically the line of the spine, and engages the muscles
that help you lengthen the spine for better posture and energy flow.

Great Yoga For Seniors, as well as all ages!
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Love is not an isolated incident
practiced with a certain person
during a certain time of day.

Love is using every opportunity to
bring someone closer to your heart.

-- Yogi Amrit Desai