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Mindfulness is being aware of whatever arises in your mind and body, sensations, feelings and thoughts. It's not about trying to change anything but non-judgmentally and gently accepting it as it is. However, anyone first coming to meditation can be met with a plethora of advice and techniques that may baffle or confuse: Where to go? What to do? Which is best? How to start? How to chose between TM, mantra recitation, kundalini, vipassana, insight, witness, breath awareness, shamata, visualization, MBSR, metta, and more?

The best way is to try them and see what works for you - we're all different!
It's important to remember that a technique is only a way to something, it's not the something itself. True meditation is spontaneous, natural, arising from within, while the technique is simply the learnt method that helps us have that experience.

All techniques are designed to help calm the mind, bring our attention inward, and focus in just this present moment so that the experience of meditation occurs naturally.

Meditations sessions are always FREE.
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Life is about moving.
Movement promotes wellness.
Wellness supports health.
Health gives you enjoyment.
Enjoyment enriches life.

Life is a journey, and we do not go far sitting still.
Come join us on this journey as we travel together in gentle, moderate or vigorous mindful movement (sitting or standing),
  and we have some fun along the way.

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"Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance, you must keep moving."
~ Albert Einstein

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All in self is the Self.
Oh yogi, meditate and then find that precious, priceless gem of Self, and the whole world is yours.

-- Yogi Bhajan