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Soon to be known as myWellness.top

While enjoying teaching classes
with GetSetUp.io and Amava.com
for the last 1-2 years,
Ty has not been keeping his own teaching schedule/calendar.

With the close of Amava.com and
the reduction of classes at GetSetUp.io,
Ty is reviving his own schedule of classes
to support his Learners.

Regarding Amava.com:
All current classes as of 06/25/22 at Amava.com
are moving to Ty's personal schedule.

Regarding GetSetUp.io (GSU):
Ty is devoted to GSU
and will support his Learners
on the GSU platform as best he can.
When one of his classes is dis-continued at GSU,
Ty will add some form of it to his personal schedule.
Ty has no interest in duplicating any class from GSU
nor luring Learners away from GSU.
His goal is to support Learners at GSU, as much as possible,
but to offer privately, what they can no longer get at GSU.

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Life is about moving.
Movement promotes wellness.
Wellness supports health.
Health gives you enjoyment.
Enjoyment enriches life.

Life is a journey, and you do not go far sitting still.
Come join us on this journey as we travel together in gentle, moderate or vigorous movement (sitting or standing),
  and we have some fun along the way.
You can enjoy gentle yoga, aerobics, dance, etc to promote a more fulfilling life with better health.

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"Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance, you must keep moving."
~ Albert Einstein

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